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Exclusively Hybrid



New Toyota Hybrid Batteries for Sale

We provide new & refurbished Toyota hybrid batteries for the following models:

New Toyota Hybrid Batteries Give You the Best Hybrid Performance

New Toyota hybrid batteries are the best option for:


The Exclusively Hybrid Difference

At Exclusively Hybrid we have spent years designing, testing, and developing our very own hybrid batteries. These hybrid batteries have new modules, a unique design that allows for maximum airflow, and a 4 year warranty.

How long do toyota
hybrid batteries last?

The Toyota hybrid battery lifespan greatly depends on the driving conditions and other external factors. Generally speaking, a Toyota hybrid battery will last 70,000 to 150,000 miles. They may also be at risk in vehicles that are nearing the 10 year mark.

Toyota hybrid
battery cost

Our brand new Toyota hybrid batteries start at $1,990. We also offer lesser-priced options for refurbished batteries starting at $890.

Installing Your New Toyota Hybrid Battery

A certified mechanic should be able to install the battery on your behalf. Depending on your location we can install the battery ourselves or arrange to ship your new battery directly your mechanic and have them take care of it from there.


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