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New Honda Hybrid Batteries for Sale

Hybrids are an affordable and sustainable choice, and last just as long or longer than a traditional gasoline-only vehicle. A Toyota Prius hybrid battery can last 70k-150k miles with proper maintenance, but they can start to deteriorate at an average of 10 years of use.

Choose Battery Types
New Honda Civic Hybrid Battery
New Honda Civic Hybrid Battery ( 2006 - 2011 )
Reconditioned Honda Civic Hybrid Battery
Reconditioned Honda Civic Hybrid Battery (2006 - 2011)

New Or Reconditioned?

New Hybrid Batteries:

As you can imagine, new batteries are always going to provide better performance than refurbished (repaired) batteries. We make our own hybrid batteries complete with new cells and wire harnesses for the ultimate in hybrid battery performance.

New hybrid batteries are the best option for:
  • Better fuel economy – Better energy capacity
  • Better acceleration – Better flow of energy due to low resistance
  • Longer battery life – Less energy use when the car is not in use
  • 4 Year or 50,000 Mile Warranty, whichever comes first

Refurbished Hybrid Batteries:

This option gets you a completely rebuilt and reconditioned battery pack. Here, we replace all the cells in the battery with rejuvenated cells.

Refurbished hybrid batteries are a good option for:
  • The most affordable battery replacement
  • 12 Months or 12,000 Mile Warranty, whichever comes first

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When you need a new hybrid battery for your Honda, you have a few options: replace bad cells; recondition the battery or buy a new battery.

When you go in for a battery repair, most mechanics will simply replace a few bad cells and send you on your way. This is the least expensive option but a poor long-term solution. Not all cells go bad at the same time meaning you return to the mechanic each time a few go bad. Keep in mind there are usually dozens of cells in a Honda hybrid battery, so you may be making several costly trips to get replacement cells.

While a new battery is the more expensive option, a trustworthy alternative is to get all the cells in the battery replaced with rejuvenated cells. This process, often called refurbishing or reconditioning, is better than replacing a few bad cells, as all the cells are repaired at once.

Reconditioned Honda hybrid batteries are a great option for:

how long do hybrid batteries last

The Exclusively Hybrid Difference

Find hybrid batteries for your Honda here! Get a 4 year warranty on new batteries, and installers available when needed from Exclusively Hybrid. We have new or reconditioned units that will be the perfect fit for 2006 – 2011 model years!


Typical Honda hybrid batteries last anywhere from six to 10 years, and are generally subject to a 100,000 mile or eight-year warranty. However, some Honda hybrids were plagued with short battery life of three to four years, which were eventually fixed with a software update.


Exclusively Hybrid sells reconditioned Honda hybrid batteries for $890. Be wary of cheaper reconditioned hybrid batteries online! They may have only replaced a few cells and still call them refurbished or reconditioned.

Installing Your New Honda Hybrid Battery

A certified mechanic should be able to install the battery on your behalf. Depending on your location we can install the battery ourselves or arrange to ship your new battery directly your mechanic and have them take care of it from there.


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