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Reconditioned Toyota Avalon Battery






Reconditioned Battery FAQ's

Our process includes machine testing each cell in the battery pack and define which are usable, weak or bad. We discard and replace the weak, bad battery cells, and recondition the usable ones. After we recondition usable cells we let them sit for 30 days to make sure they do not drain or lose any charge. By doing this we ensure higher quality, reconditioned battery cells for our clients. We also replace all the copper tabs on the terminals to ensure there is no corrosion.

Most often, your Hybrid System warning light or dashboard messaging will let you know there may be an issue. Other signs you can look for include a sporadically fluctuating charge level on the indicator, worsening fuel economy, or a louder than normal engine area (often because it’s working overtime to cool an over-heated battery).

In general, your vehicle’s hybrid battery should last at least 100,000 miles. Some batteries can even last up to 200,000 miles. With average driving, this equates to about 8-12 years before you should need to purchase a new hybrid battery.

Absolutely. If you’re local to Florida, and would like 5-star service, give us a call at 561-299-0609. If you’re not local, we can ship your battery to your local mechanic and they can complete the installation process.

Yes. As with most hybrid battery replacements, a core deposit applies. Our refundable core deposit is $500. Your old battery must be received within 30 days. Once we receive and check that your battery is complete, your core charge will be refunded to you (minus return shipping charges).

Replacing a hybrid battery yourself can be dangerous since it is a high-voltage part. We recommend having it installed by an experienced professional for safety reasons. If you have experience and choose to install it yourself, it does require basic tools and usually takes about an hour.

Exclusively Hybrid can install your battery if you’re local to Florida. Most mechanics will offer third party hybrid battery replacement services. We can coordinate with your local mechanic and ship the battery directly to them.

Of course. Our reconditioned batteries come with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

At the current time we offer shipping to Southern half of Florida.

There is no additional cost for shipping to you, as it is included in your price!

Usually the battery ships within 2 business days of payment.

The shipping will be done by local delivery service, UPS or FedEx.

At Exclusively Hybrid we sell brand new and refurbished Avalon hybrid batteries for Avalon models 2012 to 2016 at a fraction of the cost of the dealership. Check out our selection of new, and refurbished, Avalon hybrid batteries.

We also sell hybrid batteries for the Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Toyota Camry Hybrid. Shop the best Avalon hybrid batteries today and save.


You may be tempted to visit your local mechanic for issues with your Avalon hybrid batteries. Stop! Most mechanics are not equipped to perform the necessary upgrades you need to your Avalon’s hybrid battery system. They are likely to simply replace the few bad cells or modules in your battery, and not provide you with the best long-term solution.

Avalon’s have dozens of modules; replacing the few that test poorly on today’s visit inevitably means you’ll be back when the next group of modules fail and performance wanes again. This is why the best long-term solution for your Avalon’s performance is a new or refurbished hybrid battery.

The Exclusively Hybrid
Prius Battery Difference

At Exclusively Hybrid our engineers have spent years manufacturing our own line of new Avalon hybrid batteries from the ground up. We found that most hybrid batteries fail due to heating issues. Our design includes a unique circulation configuration that allows the cells to stay as cool as possible. This ensures prolonged lifespan and peak performance.

Buy Exclusively Hybrid batteries with confidence today.


Exclusively Hybrid sells both new and refurbished hybrid batteries. Many online retailers sell refurbished hybrid batteries and inaccurately label them “new.”

Understand that there is a difference between the two; both are great options but one may be better for your goals and wallet.

Find out more about our recondition batteries.


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