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New Toyota Avalon Battery







New Replacement Batteries for Toyota Avalon (2012-2016)

If the hybrid battery in your Toyota Avalon is suffering from performance issues it may be time to replace it. At Exclusively Hybrid we sell brand new and refurbished Avalon hybrid batteries for the Toyota Avalon (2012-2016) at a fraction of the cost of the dealership.

We also sell hybrid batteries for the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Toyota Prius Hybrid. Shop the best Avalon hybrid batteries today and save.

Don’t go to the Dealership for Hybrid Batteries

When you go to the dealership to get your hybrid batteries evaluated, you can expect them to try and sell you one of their batteries. However, these batteries can be nearly twice the cost of our batteries. Remember, dealerships have to compensate for their high overhead and pass those costs on to you.

At Exclusively Hybrid, we don’t pass our overhead costs on to our customers so you can be confident you are getting a fair price and a great product.

The Exclusively Hybrid
Toyota Avalon Battery Difference

When you purchase a new Toyota Avalon hybrid battery from Exclusively Hybrid, you are buying a product that has been designed and developed through years of research. Our hybrid batteries have new modules in them that are free from the typical issues of poor air circulation within the battery pack. It is these circulation issues that cause the battery packs to heat up, causing cells to go bad. Our battery design, however, allows air to flow between every cell in the battery pack, keeping the temperature down and allowing the battery to perform at its peak.

With Exclusively Hybrid, enjoy the performance of a new battery and a 4-year warranty for the ultimate in peace of mind.

New Toyota Avalon Batteries

Some online retailers sell reconditioned hybrid batteries but label them as “new.” This can be very confusing to the consumer who thinks they are getting a brand new Avalon hybrid battery. 

While a reconditioned battery is better than replacing a few of the cells, it still does not give the full benefit of a new battery. When comparing Prius hybrid battery replacement options, trust Exclusively Hybrid to allow you, the consumer, to choose what is best for your car and budget: new or refurbished.


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