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If the hybrid battery in your hybrid is suffering from performance issues it may be time to replace it. At Exclusively Hybrid we sell brand new hybrid batteries for a fraction of the cost of the dealership.

Shop the best hybrid batteries today and save.

Don’t go to the Dealership for Hybrid Batteries

When you go to the dealership to get your hybrid batteries evaluated, you can expect them to try and sell you one of their batteries. However, these batteries can be nearly twice the cost of our batteries. Remember, dealerships have to compensate for their high overhead and pass those costs on to you.

At Exclusively Hybrid, we don’t pass our overhead costs on to our customers so you can be confident you are getting a fair price and a great product.

New, Not Reconditioned, Lexus RX450h Battery

Some online retailers sell reconditioned hybrid batteries but label them as “new.” This can be very confusing to the consumer who thinks they are getting a brand new hybrid battery. 

Although opting for a reconditioned battery improves upon merely replacing a few cells, it fails to address the enduring challenges associated with hybrid batteries. Even after undergoing the rejuvenation process, the battery’s capacity remains significantly reduced, leaving it far from optimal. Only a new hybrid battery can fully resolve this concern. When considering replacement options for hybrid batteries, rely on Exclusively Hybrid to furnish you with a completely new battery, rather than one that has been merely reconstructed. 

The Exclusively Hybrid Lexus RX450h Battery Difference

When acquiring a hybrid battery from Exclusively Hybrid, you’re investing in a product meticulously crafted through extensive research over the years. Our hybrid batteries feature fresh modules that circumvent common challenges such as inadequate air circulation within the battery pack. It is these circulation issues that lead to overheating, resulting in cell deterioration. Conversely, our battery design facilitates air flow between each cell in the battery pack, effectively regulating temperature and enabling the battery to operate at its optimum capacity.

With Exclusively Hybrid, enjoy the performance of a new battery and a 4-year warranty for the ultimate in peace of mind.

2010-2015 Lexus RX450h Battery Generation 2

New Lexus RX450h Battery Generation 2 (2010-2015)

Original price was: $6,190.00.Current price is: $3,890.00.


Our hybrid batteries have new modules, a unique design that allows for maximum airflow, and a 4 year warranty for the ultimate in peace of mind.


We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the United States. We ensure that all jobs are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials.


Exclusively Hybrid engineers and builds our own batteries. No middle man or brokers are involved; this means we can give the best price possible.


Our hybrid batteries were designed from the ground up from a team of engineers focused on high-performance and longetivity.

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