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The Best 7 Seater Hybrid SUV: Top 13 for 2024

An example of the best 7 seater hybrid suv

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, hybrid SUVs have become a popular choice for families seeking a spacious and fuel-efficient ride. 

In this blog, we will rank the top thirteen 7-seater hybrid SUVs for 2024, with the Toyota Highlander taking the prestigious number one spot. These vehicles combine the benefits of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, providing a perfect blend of power, fuel efficiency, and versatility.

Some features we looked at while ranking these include:

  • Engine
  • MPG

Thirteen Best 7 Seater Hybrid SUVs

1. Toyota Highlander

hybrid le 1

The Toyota Highlander has long been a favorite among families, and the hybrid version takes it to the next level. With its smooth ride, spacious interior, and excellent fuel economy, it’s no surprise it tops our list. The hybrid powertrain enhances efficiency while maintaining strong performance.

  • Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 36 city / 35 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $40,000

Pros and Cons Of The Toyota Highlander


  • Impressive fuel efficiency
  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • Well-balanced ride and handling


  • Higher starting price compared to non-hybrid models
  • Some competitors offer better tech features

2. Ford Explorer Platinum Hybrid

Ford Explorer Platinum Hybrid

The Ford Explorer Platinum Hybrid offers a combination of power, efficiency, and towing capacity, making it an excellent option for families looking for a 7 seater hybrid SUV. Its spacious cabin and user-friendly infotainment system add to its appeal.

  • Engine: 3.3L V6 hybrid
  • MPG: 27 city / 29 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $53,000

Pros and Cons Of The Ford Explorer Platinum Hybrid


  • Strong towing capacity for a hybrid
  • Comfortable ride and handling
  • Well-equipped with safety features


  • Lower fuel efficiency compared to some rivals
  • Limited cargo space behind the third row

3. Mazda CX-90 PHEV

Mazda CX 90 PHEV

Debuting for 2024, the Mazda CX-90 PHEV is a well-rounded 7-seater SUV that offers a blend of comfort, style, and impressive fuel efficiency with its plug-in hybrid technology. Mazda’s commitment to delivering an engaging driving experience sets it apart in its class.

  • Engine: 4-Cyl, e-SKYACTIV, Hybrid, 2.5 Liter
  • MPG: 56 combined
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (IIHS)
  • MSRP: Starting at $47,445

Pros and Cons Of Mazda CX-90 PHEV


  • Efficient and responsive powertrain with electric-only driving capability
  • Three rows of spacious and comfortable seating for family and friends
  • Abundance of standard safety features for peace of mind on the road
  • Mazda’s signature design and attention to detail enhance its appeal


  • Limited electric-only range compared to some all-electric SUVs
  • Third-row seating might be more suitable for children or shorter trips
  • Slightly higher starting price compared to non-hybrid alternatives

4. Lexus RX 450h

Lexus RX 450h

The Lexus RX 450h is a luxurious 7-seater hybrid SUV that excels in providing a quiet and comfortable ride. Its elegant cabin and plethora of advanced features cater to those seeking a touch of luxury.

  • Engine: 3.5L V6 hybrid
  • MPG: 31 city / 28 highway
  • Safety Rating: 4/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $47,700

Pros And Cons Of The Lexus RX 450h


  • Upscale interior with high-quality materials
  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • Excellent reliability and resale value


  • Limited third-row space
  • Higher starting price compared to rivals

5. Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid combines performance and fuel efficiency, offering a fun-to-drive experience while being kind to the environment. Its sophisticated interior and advanced safety features make it a strong contender.

  • Engine: 3.0L V6 hybrid
  • MPG: 26 city / 27 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $53,000

Pros And Cons Of Acura MDX Sport Hybrid


  • Engaging handling for an SUV
  • Luxurious and spacious cabin
  • Acura’s reputation for reliability


  • Limited cargo space behind the third row
  • Infotainment system could be more intuitive

6. Volvo XC90 Recharge

Volvo XC90 Recharge 1

The Volvo XC90 Recharge boasts a stylish design, a luxurious interior, and a strong commitment to safety. Its plug-in hybrid powertrain provides impressive fuel efficiency and the option to run on pure electric power for short trips.

  • Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 27 city / 30 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $65,000

Pros And Cons Of The Volvo XC90 Recharge


  • Top-notch interior craftsmanship
  • Generous standard safety features
  • Versatile powertrain with electric-only mode


  • High starting price
  • Limited third-row legroom

7. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers a budget-friendly option in the hybrid SUV market. With its capable all-wheel-drive system and decent fuel efficiency, it appeals to adventurous families.

  • Engine: 2.4L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 24 city / 29 highway
  • Safety Rating: 4/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $37,000

Pros And Cons Of The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


  • Affordable price for a hybrid SUV
  • All-wheel-drive capability
  • Generous warranty coverage


  • Interior materials could be improved
  • Lower fuel efficiency compared to rivals

8. Kia Sorento Hybrid

Kia Sorento Hybrid

The Kia Sorento Hybrid offers excellent fuel efficiency and a practical interior. It provides a strong value proposition with its affordable pricing and generous warranty coverage.

  • Engine: 1.6L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 39 city / 35 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $34,000

Pros And Cons Of The Kia Sorento Hybrid


  • Impressive fuel efficiency
  • User-friendly infotainment system
  • Competitive starting price


  • Third-row seating best suited for children
  • Some rivals have a more upscale interior

9. Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

The Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid is a well-rounded option, offering a comfortable ride, spacious cabin, and strong towing capacity. Its hybrid powertrain provides a good balance between power and efficiency.

  • Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 26 city / 28 highway
  • Safety Rating: 4/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $40,500

Pros And Cons Of The Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid


  • Roomy and comfortable interior
  • Capable towing capability
  • Attractive starting price


  • Interior materials could be more upscale
  • Fuel efficiency trails behind some competitors

Subaru Ascent Hybrid

Subaru Ascent Hybrid

The Subaru Ascent Hybrid stands out with its standard all-wheel-drive system, making it an excellent choice for families living in snowy or off-road-prone areas. It offers practicality, safety, and reliability.

  • Engine: 2.4L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 32 city / 30 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $41,500

Pros And Cons Of The Subaru Ascent Hybrid


  • Standard all-wheel-drive for added traction
  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • Subaru’s renowned safety features


  • Less fuel-efficient compared to non-hybrid models
  • Noisy engine under heavy acceleration

11. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is an eagerly awaited plug-in hybrid SUV that combines the iconic Jeep off-road capability with eco-friendly technology. Although details are yet to be fully released, it holds promise for those seeking a rugged yet eco-conscious SUV.

  • Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: Not Yet Rated
  • Safety Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • MSRP: Not Yet Released

Pros And Cons Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe


  • Legendary Jeep off-road capability
  • Potential for impressive electric range
  • Upcoming option in the hybrid SUV market


  • Limited information available at present
  • Final pricing and specs yet to be announced

12. Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid offers a well-designed interior and a smooth ride, making it a comfortable and practical choice for families. Its attractive starting price adds to its appeal.

  • Engine: 1.6L 4-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 36 city / 34 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $38,000

Pros And Cons Of The Hyundai Sante Fe Hybrid


  • User-friendly infotainment system
  • Comfortable and supportive seating
  • Generous standard features


  • Less cargo space compared to some rivals
  • Third-row seating best suited for children

BMW X5 xDrive45e


The BMW X5 xDrive45e combines luxury, performance, and efficiency, making it an excellent option for those seeking a premium hybrid SUV. Its upscale interior and engaging driving dynamics make it a standout choice.

  • Engine: 3.0L 6-cylinder hybrid
  • MPG: 21 city / 25 highway
  • Safety Rating: 5/5 (NHTSA)
  • MSRP: $66,000

Pros And Cons Of The BMW X5 xDrive45e


  • Luxurious and high-quality interior
  • Strong performance from the hybrid powertrain
  • Fun-to-drive handling for an SUV


  • Higher starting price compared to most rivals
  • Limited third-row space

Buying Guide for Purchasing a 7-Seater Hybrid SUV

1. Consider Your Needs

Assess your lifestyle, family size, and transportation requirements. Determine how often you’ll need all seven seats and whether you require additional features like towing capacity or all-wheel-drive.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Compare the fuel efficiency of different hybrid models. Higher MPG ratings will lead to lower fuel costs and reduced environmental impact.

3. Safety

Check the safety ratings and available safety features of each SUV. Look for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and crash test ratings.

4. Interior Space and Comfort

Evaluate the interior space and seating comfort, especially for passengers in the third row. Consider the flexibility of the seating configurations for cargo and passenger needs.

5. Technology and Infotainment

Review the infotainment system, connectivity options, and available tech features. A user-friendly and intuitive system enhances the driving experience.

6. Reliability and Warranty

Research the reliability history of the models you’re interested in. Look for vehicles with comprehensive warranties for added peace of mind.

7. Test Drive

Test drive your top choices to get a feel for their performance, ride quality, and handling. Pay attention to how the hybrid powertrain operates and whether it meets your expectations.

8. Pricing and Incentives

Compare the MSRP of different models and look for available incentives or tax credits for hybrid vehicles in your area.


Hybrid SUVs offer an enticing combination of fuel efficiency, space, and practicality for families. As the automotive industry continues to prioritize eco-friendly technology, these vehicles are becoming more compelling than ever before. 

The Toyota Highlander, with its exceptional fuel efficiency, spacious interior, and renowned reliability, leads the pack as the best 7-seater hybrid SUV for 2024. Whether you choose the luxury of the Lexus RX 450h, the off-road capabilities of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, or the affordability of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the hybrid SUV market offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences and needs.
When it comes to hybrid batteries, it’s essential to maintain and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. For all your hybrid battery needs, you can rely on Exclusively Hybrid as a reputable source for high-quality hybrid batteries and expert assistance.

FAQs about Hybrid SUVs

What is a hybrid SUV?

A hybrid SUV is a type of sports utility vehicle that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor and battery pack. This combination offers improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to traditional gasoline-only SUVs.

How does a hybrid SUV work?

Hybrid SUVs use a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to power the vehicle. The electric motor assists the gasoline engine during acceleration and at low speeds, reducing the need for the engine to work as hard and thus saving fuel.

Are hybrid SUVs more expensive to maintain?

Generally, hybrid SUVs may have slightly higher maintenance costs due to the complexity of their powertrain and the presence of a battery pack. However, they often have longer warranty coverage on the hybrid components, which can help offset maintenance expenses.

Can hybrid SUVs tow trailers or boats?

Yes, many hybrid SUVs are equipped with the capability to tow trailers or boats. However, the towing capacity may vary among different models, so it’s essential to check the specific towing capabilities of the SUV you’re interested in.

Are there any tax incentives for buying a hybrid SUV?

Depending on your location, there might be federal or state tax incentives or rebates for purchasing a hybrid SUV. These incentives are aimed at promoting eco-friendly vehicles and can help reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Do hybrid SUVs have sufficient power for everyday driving?

Yes, most hybrid SUVs offer sufficient power for everyday driving needs. The combination of the electric motor and the gasoline engine provides ample acceleration and performance for regular commuting and family transportation.

What is the lifespan of a hybrid SUV’s battery?

The lifespan of a hybrid SUV’s battery can vary depending on factors such as driving habits, climate, and maintenance. Generally, hybrid batteries are designed to last for many years, often exceeding the typical lifespan of a vehicle.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, hybrid SUVs are leading the way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Whether you’re looking for fuel efficiency, space, or a blend of luxury and performance, the market offers a diverse selection of hybrid SUVs to suit your needs. Remember to do thorough research, test drive your top choices, and consider your specific requirements before making a decision. Happy car hunting!

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