Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What brake fluid should be used when adding or changing the fluid in a Toyota Prius?

A:  You should use SAE J1703 or FMVSS No. 116 DOT 3.

Q:  What coolant fluid (antifreeze) should be used when adding or replacing fluid in the cooling system of a Toyota Prius? How much should be used?

A:  In order to avoid technical problems, only use “Toyota Super Long Life Coolant” or similar high quality ethylene glycol based non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, and non-borate coolant with long-life organic acid technology. When you are replacing the fluid in the gasoline engine you should use 8.6 L (9.0 qt.). For electric motor and inverter and converter you should use 2.7 L (2.9 qt.).

Q:  What fluid should be used when replacing the transmission fluid in a Toyota Prius? How much?

A:  The fluid that should be used is Toyota Genuine ATF WS or equivalent. The quantity should be up to 3.6L or 3.8 US. qt.

Q:  What engine oil should be used when changing the oil in the gasoline engine of a Toyota Prius? How much?

A:  The oil should be API grade SL Energy-Conserving or ILSAC multigrade engine oil. The viscosity is SAE rW-30. We suggest that you change the oil filter with every oil change. When you do the proper oil change (w/filter) you should use 3.7L (3.9 qt). The correct oil viscosity and fill level are critical for the proper performance of the engine. Incorrect engine oil viscosity or improper fill level may result in a MIL “ON” condition. The most common diagnostic code is: “Engine does not start”.

Q:  What type of Refrigerant should be used when doing A/C work on a Toyota Prius?

A:  The refrigerant type should be R134a. The capacity should be around 450g or around 16oz.

Q:  Does the High Voltage Battery needs to be replaced at a certain time or mileage?

A: No. The time to replace your battery is when the car tells you. You should have the car professionally diagnosed if you have any of the warning lights on. If you would like to be proactive about your Hybrid Battery condition, you can contact us to run the Hybrid Battery Test. In case the Hybrid Battery condition is bad, we can replace it with prices starting at $890.00.

Q:  How to tell if your Honda hybrid battery is going bad?

A: Most of the time the IMA light on your dashboard will go on, telling you that there is a problem in the hybrid system. Sometimes your hybrid battery charge level indicator drops from any level (sometimes full) down to 2 bars, you get the green recharge bars for a while, then eventually it goes to full again very quickly. If you get two or three of these events per week, it’s a sign that some of the modules in your battery are going bad. Your IMA light might not even turn on. If these events start to occur you should replace or rebuild the hybrid battery. Contact us for more info.